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iCandy Freedom 180 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones – Live The Music You Hear


iCandy Freedom 180 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones


Good music accessories for cell phones are quite hard to find! However, by researching hard you can easily find a suitable music accessory for your phone that will help you live the music you hear. Buying Bluetooth stereo headphones is a hideous task as finding the right one is quite difficult. But when you have options like iCandy Freedom 180 wireless stereo headphones at your disposal then your work becomes a lot easier.

We are now going to discuss about the features and specifications of this Bluetooth stereo headphone in detail. You need to read all these points carefully if you are planning to buy it from the market.

Some Features
These stereo headphones offer outstanding functionality and performance due to their wireless nature. Listening songs on this headphone is quite simple and you can easily navigate all its features in the quickest possible way. The volume buttons are quite soft to touch and easy to use. Well, the materials used to build these headphones are quite good. The matte black unit is really classy and elegant. The product is extremely soft and strong. The sound quality of the headphones is quite neat and clear. You can easily receive calls and engage yourself in a long conversation by using this headphone.

These headphones are quite comfortable and you can easily wear them for long periods of time. Now, given below are some of the key specifications of this device.

• Batteries Included
• Digital Sound Enhancement
• Lithium polymer battery
• LED Indicators
• Rechargeable battery
• Last Number Redial facility
• 1100 mAh power
• Operating Range – 10 Feet
• Standby Time – 240 Hours
• Volume Control Feature
• Talk Time – 10 Hours
• Weight – 180 grams

Article Source: [EzineArticles.com]

For more product detail and order, Please visit  http://www.uberphunk.com/343-freedom-180-black.html

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