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BC5c Big Button Mobile Phone — 30% off Sale

BC5c Big Button Phone

BC5c Big Button Phone

Large keypad and number display for easy usage

Most modern phones feature small buttons and high-resolution displays, which can be hard to press and difficult to see for some. The Bluechip BC5c is designed with these people in mind. The keypad takes up the majority of the phone, so the buttons are large and easy to press, meaning you’re less likely to misdial a number. The display is bright with larger numbering, which lets you easily check the number before you dial it, and also see incoming calls. The phone even speaks out the number as you press it, instead of just a tone, so you can be absolutely sure you’re dialling correctly. Texting is also clear and easy, with predictive text so you’re less likely to make errors.

SOS emergency function with dedicated button on rear

In an emergency it can be hard to operate a mobile phone correctly, resulting in injuries that could be prevented by swift action. The Bluechip BC5c features a dedicated SOS function, with a large orange button on the back, which lets you quickly send a text to a specified number. This number can be set on the phone or via text message, so if your emergency contact changes their number you don’t have to worry about updating your phone – they can do it automatically for you.

10 number speed-dial for one-touch calling

The *, # and numbers 2-9 on the phone can be set up as speed-dials, allowing you to have your 10 most used numbers only one button press away. Speed-dials are easy to set up through the menu, and are linked to the contacts in the phone book so if they are changed so will your speed dial. As with the SOS function, contacts can send their numbers directly to the phone which will update without any action required from the user.

Torch for safety in the dark

On the back of the phone is a bright LED torch for safety in the dark. The torch is activated by a simple sliding switch on the side of the phone, so no matter how dark it is you can illuminate your surroundings with ease.

Integrated FM radio with digital tuner

The Bluechip BC5i also has an integrated FM radio with digital tuner, which is accessed via a sliding switch on the phone’s side. You can save your favourite channels to the phone’s memory, enter the frequency manually, or let the phone search for a useable channel. When it finds a station, it will prompt you to save it, so you don’t have to fiddle with settings to make sure you can always listen to your favourite shows.

Loud volume for better sound

This phone isn’t just for the visually impaired. It also features loud volume throughout for the hard of hearing. The system tones, call volume, alarms, radio, ringtones and message tones are all considerably louder than regular handsets, so even if you misplace your phone a quick call should make it easy to find.


  • Standby time up to 200 hours
  • Talk time up to 4 hours
  • LCD screen: 1.77 inches
  • GSM 900/1800 or 850/1900
  • Size 104 x 52 x 14 mm
  • Single SIM

PLEASE NOTE: Althought the manual makes reference to a vibrate feature, the phones unfortunately do not support such functionality.

Important SIM Free Information

This SIM free handset is unlocked and compatible with any UK 2G/GSM network. Please note this handset is not compatible with 3G networks and services.

source: [mobilefun]

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