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Call Me?


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Picture the scene: You see an old friend across the street and you signal to them to call you using the internationally recognised sign, i.e. thumb tip to ear and little finger tip to mouth! At the same time you press dial on your mobile while keeping your gloved hand in the phone symbol shape. Your friend sees this happening and as if by magic (slightly exaggerating this for effect) their phone starts to ring and, low and behold, it is you calling them. But how can this be when you hand is still fixed in the hand phone gesture??? “Hello?” you friend asks in disbelief down their handset. Imagine their shock and surprise when they see your mouth move across the street and they hear “Hi ya dude!” down their receiver!!!! Technology really as excelled with this wonderful set of gloves and mittens that rewrites the whole hand gesture market! Whatever next, wooly mittens that are also tea cups, just imagine, the office will not be the same again, “Want a brew, you know, a brew” hand gesture, hand gesture! (In your best Peter Kay voice please?) Love it.

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