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Choosing a Senior-Friendly Mobile phone


BC5c Big Button Phone

Believe it or not, some people amongst society are a little put off by the most up to date technologies offered by smartphones and the networks. They are more interested in a simpler option when it comes to their mobile connectivity. While the younger consumer craves functionality and new advancements, simplicity to some is a more important consideration.

The BC5c is one of the best and easy to use (and senior-friendly) cell phones on the market today. It has a custom designed body with a large numerical keypad which is brightly back lit, extra-large text display on a vivid coloured screen and an easy to use operator system to help with accessing the phone’s functions.

The handset’s battery offers up to 200 hours standby time and up to 4 hours talk time and has a brilliant SOS feature which allows for a single button push – emergency contact system that sends a message to preselected contacts, for peace of mind.  Along with its built-in torch, the phone can help you out in a number of emergency situations (such as an elderly person falling at home, etc.). Other features  include SMS and email, an FM radio, alarm clock, birthday reminders and a calculator. All in all, the handset can help you organise your day to day life.

The BC5c sells for only £39.99,  and now only £27.99 after 25% discount, plus free shipping from www.uberphunk.com. Hurry while stocks last!

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