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iCandy Freedom 180 Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones



These are fantastic Bluetooth, wireless headphones with great features and tremendous sound!

Some Features
These stereo headphones offer outstanding functionality and performance due to the integrated chipset from CSR. They are simple to use and so listening to music  is really straight forward. The volume buttons are soft to touch and the materials used means that these headphones are robust and strong. In particular, the matte black unit is really classy and slick and all models and colours boast ultra soft and comfortable cans, so you can wear them longer. The sound is neat and clear with a richness about the bass tones usually seen in much more expensive units. A cool feature is call making and taking which utilises the built-in microphone and gives you crystal clear conversation (depending on your signal of course!).

Here are some of the key specifications for this device.

• Digital sound enhancement
• Lithium-Polymer battery
• LED Indicators
• Rechargeable battery
• Last number redial facility
• 1100 mAh power
• Operating range – 10 metres
• Volume Control Feature                                                                                         • Standby time – 240 hours                                                                                      • Talk Time – 10 Hours                                                                                             • Weight – 180 grams

Article Source: [EzineArticles.com]

For more product detail and order, Please visit  http://www.uberphunk.com/343-freedom-180-black.html

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