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Introducing the Freedom 180-Bluetooth Wireless Headphones


iCandy Freedom 180

With the iCandy Bluetooth wireless headphones you can enjoy your favourite tracks and receive calls on your mobile. A stylish pair of wireless headphones, they are very lightweight and have a 10 metre range and with no cables to get in your way, these headphones are ideal for sporting activities. Manufactured under the iCandy brand, these headphones come with a one touch pairing button, allowing them to be used with Bluetooth enabled devices such as mobiles or MP3 players, etc. It has digital sound enhancement and volume control built in to the cans for easy and convenient usage. Music can be streamed from your mobile/tablet, etc. and when you need to interrupt your music to answer a call, it is a simple one touch process. If you are busy receiving lots of calls you can use the call waiting function plus, if you miss any calls, you can use your last number redial to get in contact. This headset includes LED indicators and comes with a built in Li-Polymer battery that gives you up to 240hr standby time.

Was £39.99

Now £27.99

For more Informations and order, please go to http://www.uberphunk.com/343-freedom-180-black.html

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