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A Closer Look At The iT7s Bluetooth Sports Headphones


The age of wireless headphones has really taken off with the key factor of fashionable design and aesthetics now playing a massive role in headphone purchasing decisions. Let’s face it, different headphones suit different people for different reasons. Some, your average commuter for example, may be happy with their Apple earphones whereas the more discerning out there would carefully review and seek out a pair of high quality earphones, so they can fully appreciate the sound quality of their precious tunes. The wireless iT7s Sports earphones are fast becoming one of these sought after products. While they certainly deliver superb sound quality and also look cool and funky, the wireless freedom and comfortable ‘around-the-head’ fitting (which stays in place through rigorous activity) means they are essential kit for even the most active adrenaline junkies out there!

With their CSR (The Intel of the Bluetooth world) chipset these Bluetooth-enabled earphones bring a new stability and crispness to wireless sound reproduction and they include a built-in microphone so the user can make and take phone calls on the go. They provide crystal-clear highs and mid tones plus rich bass perfection and with a Li-Polymer battery you get lots of time between charges.

Check out this article I found on gadgetlist.co.uk:

“Not going to lie, my first impression when I first opened the box was yet another pair of flimsy wireless headphones that probably won’t sit comfortably or fit the way they’re supposed to. I unbox them, sync them with my iPhone with great ease, pop them on and play some music whilst attending to some work emails. First thing that hit me was the quality of sound was incredible. I took the headphones off to find an intriguing shaped earpiece that’s designed to slot into your ear and ‘hook’ behind your tragus. Using this design, the headphones not only play the music; it injects it straight into your cochlear for minimal audio leakage and to prevent any ambient noise getting in, a sort of noise cancellation which I found to be very effective. When my music wasn’t playing, I could easily hear people talking to me but once my tunes were booming, I couldn’t hear anything surrounding me, be it passing traffic or noisy tube trains. Wonderful!

Recently launched, these headphones are sure to make an impression whether you’re a gym fanatic, running mogul or even a commuter. Stand out from the crowd with these stylish, sleek and impressive headphones. The iT7s headphones are available at www.uberphunk.com now!”

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