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Ian Taylor iT7X2 headphones review–[Irish Daily Star]

The new Ian Taylor iT7X2 headphones from ex-Aston Villa soccer star Ian Taylor are a superbly packaged pair of cans that hit the target with a beautiful, colourful design and durable build.

These are wireless Bluetooth 4.0 on-ear headphones with NFC (near field communication) — syncing them with your smartphone, tablet or media player such as an iPod couldn’t be easier.

All of the relevant wireless controls are on the left earcup. Here you can turn the volume up or down, mute the track or skip backwards and forwards without having to touch your device.

iT7X2 headphones

Ian Taylor iT7X2 headphones

On the right earcup is the NFC zone. Hold it next to an NFC phone such as a Nokia Lumia 925 or Samsung Galaxy S4 for 3-5 seconds and your Bluetooth pairing is made instantly.

For non-NFC devices such as an iPhone, use traditional Bluetooth pairing and enjoy wireless sound over a range of 20m. And for those who like the wired option, a 3.5mm cable is also supplied.

The all-important audio definition is a winner. The iT7X2 are bass-heavy and score top marks for listening to EDM, hip-hop or today’s heavily compressed pop tunes.

There is less of the punchy clarity and definition you might want for intricate electronica or classical music, but they compare well with other headphones in this price range.

The matte, mock-rubber finish gives the lightweight iT7X2 headphones a top-end look and feel, and the headband has a padded rubbery plastic underneath that is is adjustable for different levels of comfort.

And they are comfortable, with generous memory foam padding that doesn’t start to press after a couple of hours.

The headphones come in a range of bright colours and have a foldable design that comes with a zip-sealed rubber case for carrying them around in when not in use.

source:[Irish Daily Star]

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