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Spotify now has a free streaming service for Android and iOS


Finally, smartphone and tablet users can get in on some free Spotify streaming actionSpotify to offer free streaming service for Android and iOS

Spotify has announced that it’s extending its free ad-supported music streaming service to Android and iOS devices.

The freebie service allows smartphone users to stream music from Spotify’s radio stations, other users they follow on the service and artist mixes (which allow you to listen through any artist you like’s back catalogue without interruption from ‘related artists) from your smartphone with no listening cap.

Up until now, only desktop users have been able to stream music, with ads, for free, while £10-a-month Spotify Premium members could also stream music and save them for offline playback on their mobile devices. Now, Spotify is classing iPads in the same way it does desktops, with access to the full Spotify library and the ability to stream complete albums (again, with ads).

Spotify hopes that extended free streaming to non-paying mobile device users will tempt them into springing for a premium membership where they can take advantage of higher-quality streaming, no ads and the ability to listen to music offline.

It’s also extending its service to to another 20 countries, and has signed an exclusive year-long deal to bring Led Zeppelin’s tracks to its already packed library.  -source[stuff.tv]

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