iPad Air – Apple’s “biggest leap ever” in the iPad world

iPad 5 who? Apple’s newest tablet is its thinnest, fastest, most scrumptious yet. But it won’t read your fingerprints source-[]

Finally after being leaked more times than we can bear to count, Apple has finally lifted the curtains off its latest full-fat iPad.

The fifth generation iPad Air (RIP iPad 5 moniker) features a slimmer, sexier and lighter design with clever brains to match.


Meet the iPad Air – Apple's "biggest leap ever" in the iPad world - Air apparent 2Meet the iPad Air – Apple's "biggest leap ever" in the iPad world - Air apparent 3

It’s a whopping 20 per cent thinner than the previous generation iPad 4, at just 7.5mm. Round the front, it’s also been on a crash diet, with a bezel that’s 43 per cent thinner than the previous model. Thanks to these refinements, the iPad Air tips the scales at a feathery 469g; according to Apple, the new iPad Air feels very different in the hands and is groundbreaking both in design and comfort.

Despite its smaller bezel, it retains Apple’s beautifully crisp 9.7in 2048×1536 display and also has two new colour schemes to boot – silver/white and space grey/black. iPhone 5s-style gold, however, is nowhere to be seen – sorry bling fans.


Apple iPad AirAlso absent is the long-rumoured Touch ID fingerprint Home button sensor, despite the fact that the iPad Air sports same 64-bit A7 processor found in the iPhone 5s, which is required for the fingerprint encryption to work.

Apple iPad AirWhy Apple omitted this function remains unclear, but it could be due to space-saving constraints or the fact that you can’t comfortably unlock an iPad one-handed.

Other juicy specs include dual WIMO antennas which promise twice the data speeds over Wi-Fi than the iPad 4 and a smaller battery (to help reduce the weight) which still offers 10 hours of use thanks to the more efficient A7 processor. And of course, it’ll ship with the latest version of iOS 7.

The A7 chip itself provides the iPad Air with twice the 3D rendering power and 72x the graphics performance of the original iPad; it’s backed up with the M7 motion coprocessor found in the iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 5s.

Overall, Apple promises that the iPad Air will be a “drastically different experience” to any other iPad that’s come before it, and we can’t wait to caress its sleek build, so stay tuned for our hands-on preview.

The new iPad Air can be yours on 1 November from £400 for the 16GB Wi-Fi version, or £500 for the 16GB 4G model.

If you’re feeling particularly frisky you can fork out a wallet-busting £740 for the 128GB 4G iPad Air, but we’re sure you’ll find something a little more within a respectable price range on the Apple Store.



BC5P Big Button Mobile Phone


Available on

Easy to use, this pocket sized mobile from Bluechip combines big buttons with a large LCD display to make texting and dialing easier. The mobile’s keypad features a useful SOS function that allows one touch access to the emergency services. The handset is SIM free making it compatible with any network of your choice. It has a talk time of 250 hours and a standby time of 200 hours. Other features include a built-in FM radio player, loud speaker mode and internet access.

Standby Time: up to 2oo hours
Large Display (1.77 TFT)
Large Buttons
Loud Speaker
SOS Function (store up to 10 numbers of friends
and family and send an emergency message at
the touch of one button)
Speed Dial
Long Battery Life
FM Radio
200 Number Phonebook
Built in Torch
Talk time: up to 4 hours

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Look fashionable with Leopard Ear Muff Headphones

Key Features Cool and stylish design Comfortable over-head cushioning Includes a buil-in mocrophone to make and receive calls hands free Amazing bass tones and crystal clear high end sound Suitable for most MP3 & MP4 players, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Radios and most other mobiles plus audio players

Ian Taylor iT7X2 headphones review–[Irish Daily Star]

The new Ian Taylor iT7X2 headphones from ex-Aston Villa soccer star Ian Taylor are a superbly packaged pair of cans that hit the target with a beautiful, colourful design and durable build.

These are wireless Bluetooth 4.0 on-ear headphones with NFC (near field communication) — syncing them with your smartphone, tablet or media player such as an iPod couldn’t be easier.

All of the relevant wireless controls are on the left earcup. Here you can turn the volume up or down, mute the track or skip backwards and forwards without having to touch your device.

iT7X2 headphones

Ian Taylor iT7X2 headphones

On the right earcup is the NFC zone. Hold it next to an NFC phone such as a Nokia Lumia 925 or Samsung Galaxy S4 for 3-5 seconds and your Bluetooth pairing is made instantly.

For non-NFC devices such as an iPhone, use traditional Bluetooth pairing and enjoy wireless sound over a range of 20m. And for those who like the wired option, a 3.5mm cable is also supplied.

The all-important audio definition is a winner. The iT7X2 are bass-heavy and score top marks for listening to EDM, hip-hop or today’s heavily compressed pop tunes.

There is less of the punchy clarity and definition you might want for intricate electronica or classical music, but they compare well with other headphones in this price range.

The matte, mock-rubber finish gives the lightweight iT7X2 headphones a top-end look and feel, and the headband has a padded rubbery plastic underneath that is is adjustable for different levels of comfort.

And they are comfortable, with generous memory foam padding that doesn’t start to press after a couple of hours.

The headphones come in a range of bright colours and have a foldable design that comes with a zip-sealed rubber case for carrying them around in when not in use.

source:[Irish Daily Star]

useful utility to help you charge your mobile phone anywhere, anytime


The rechargeable emergency power bank allows you to charge your electtonic devices while you are on the move. It recharges via the USB connector cable included in this pack. Once fully charged it will power your devices repeatedly. 2600 mAh. 1A output 5V.

The multi tips that are included will charge most electrical devices such as iPhone 3/3GS/4/4S/5, iPod Touch, smartphones, mobiles, micro USB connections and most other compatible devices.

Handly torch feature included. Switch between charging or torch modes,perfect for outdoor events.


• Suitable for most mobile phones, cameras and most other electronic devices.

• Compatible with iPhone, iPod, MP3, MP4, PSP, Micro USB & other electronic devices.

• The iT7 Power Bank has a precise IC protector which safely avoids over-charging.

• Intelligent power management solution for high efficiency.

• LED indicator lights to indicate status


• iPhone 5 lighting adapter

• iPhone 4 (30 Pin)

• Micro USB


• Capacity: 2600mAh

• Dimensions: 83.5 x 34 x 24 mm

• Input: DC 5.0V – 800mA

• Output DC 5.3C – 1000mA (MAX)

• Weight: 64g

Here is you winter Essential Gadgets

●3.5 headphone output ●In-line mic to make and receive calls ●Suitable for most smartphones, iPhones, iPods, MP3 & MP4 players, most mobiles and audio players ●FREE SHIPPING Please visit for more detail

The ultimate music on the move device. Beanie hats with integrated headphones.

A warm beanie hat with built-in headphones

  • 3.5 headphone output
  • In-line mic to make and receive calls
  • Suitable for most smartphones, iPhones, iPods, MP3 & MP4 players, most mobiles and audio players

beanie-hat-headphones-1 beanie-hat-headphones-2 beanie-hat-headphones-3 beanie-hat-headphones-4 beanie-hat-headphones-5 beanie-hat-headphones-6 beanie-hat-headphones-7 beanie-hat-headphones-8 beanie-hat-headphones-9 beanie-hat-headphones-10 beanie-hat-headphones

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